Quick hits

Sorry for the tardiness.  I’ve got some weird virus with no symptoms beyond the fact that I’m so tired it takes all my energy to walk across the room.  Anyway…

1) How tech companies may be the key to expanding renewable energy in NC.

2) I try to be carefull when choosing my photo of the day and never knowingly select a photo where it would be violating copyright for me to paste, but it’s not always clear on-line.  That said, it is pretty clear one should not be using other people’s images uncompensated in any sort of commercial manner.

3) Nice NYT interactive feature on all the ways the ACA is working.

4) Courts keep giving police more powers to conduct illegal searches.  That’s not good.  And if that’s not enough, the FBI will shut off your cable so they can go in without a warrant as phony cable repair guys.  What is this– the Soviet Union?!

5) You know I’m a firm believer in legalizing marijuana.  But we really do need to pay careful attention to how it may impact young brains.

6) Why the blood test for Ebola doesn’t offer all that much value– Ebola only shows up in your blood at the point from your symptoms where it is pretty clear you have Ebola.

7) I’m always happy to read articles that confirm all the bad stuff I think about fraternities and sororities.   In this case a NYT article on all the ways sororities waste time and money.

8) So, the universe will end when some tiny bubble appears, expands, and then consumes the whole universe.  Or something like that.

9) Bill Maher suggests that Sheldon Adelson should cure Ebola.

10) What your favorite websites would have looked like in the 80’s.

11) How public opinion polls can be self-fulfilling.

12) Is the fact that the vast majority of social-psychologists are liberals creating a problem for the discipline.  Maybe.

13) Holy Cognitive Dissonance Batman, U2 sort-of-disses Neutral Milk Hotel:

Some of the more strange hippie stuff wasn’t that great. Neutral Milk Hotel, you know them? If you were sort of one of the faithful, you could sort of get excited about it. It didn’t really have a universal appeal at all. And that might be its appeal.”

14) I so cannot wait to see Interstellar.  The most excited I’ve been about a movie in a while.

15) On a related note, Europa Report is streaming on Netflix and it’s quite good.



Photo of the day

The Dark Side of the Moon and the earth from a Chinese space vehicle.  Cool!


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