Obamacare really hurts Republicans

Or so one might believe from the latest Gallup data on the matter:

Healthcare Law's Perceived Impact on Americans and Their Families, by Political Party, October 2014

Hypothesis 1) The demographics of the Republican Party are such that a scant 4% benefit from the exclusion on pre-existing conditions, parents’ insurance till 26, expanded Medicaid, an end to lifetime caps, etc.


Hypothesis 2) Republicans are unwilling to even admit to themselves (or just ignorant) of these benefits many are experiencing.  And the 40% harm?  That would really take some work.

In fairness, that 27% of Democrats may not have clearly directly benefited, but if they are actually aware of the benefits of the law (holding overall health inflation down, ending uncertainty over pre-existing conditions, ending uncertainty over the ability go obtain reasonably affordable insurance, etc., ) they are certainly right.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

6 Responses to Obamacare really hurts Republicans

  1. rgbact says:

    40% harm? You do realize there are Medicare cuts and tax increases in this thing, right? Oh and alot of people aren’t eligible for ACA subsidies, right? Its interesting to me how leftys think ACA can’t possibly have any negative impacts..It like a gift from the healthcare fairy. All, lollipops and kisses.

    So, your hypotheses are on the right track….you just need to expand option #1 a bit. I’m not disagreeing that some people are in Bucket #2 though.

  2. Mike from Canada says:

    How many Republican states eventually accepted expanded medicare?
    Four, I believe. Another three are considering expanding.
    So four red states have expanded medicare, which is a part of Obamacare, but they did it without any obvious benefit? Hmmmm.

    The real questions:
    How many Republicans

    believe Obama is a secret Muslim: 17%
    Believe Obama is the Anti Christ: 13%
    Believe Obama Wasn’t born in America: 13%
    Believe Iraq caused 9/11: 43%
    Believe Iraq had WMDs when US invaded 63%
    Believe US voter fraud is widespread 53%
    Don’t believe in evolution: 48%

    It appears fairly clear. Reality and what many Republicans believe are not necessarily the same thing. Especially when it’s politically expedient to do so.

  3. itchy says:

    It’s never appropriate to ask a question about the ACA without comparing it to the counterfactual. The correct question is not “Has Obamacare helped or hurt?” It’s “Has Obamacare helped or hurt compared the other alternatives that were proposed (including doing nothing)?”

    My understanding is that the health care system as it existed was unsustainable. Therefore, we don’t compare ACA in 2014 to the health care system in 2008. We compare it to what would have been the health care system by 2014. And onward.

    If we’re in a car heading toward a cliff, and I pop the door and push us both out, the question to ask is not “Are your ripped, dirty jeans better than the new ones you were wearing in the car?” It’s “Is ripping your jeans a worthwhile trade for saving your life?”

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