Thom Tillis wants to be US Senator

Thmoas Mills, whom I really enjoy when I read him in PoliticsNC has a nice piece in The Atlantic asking “what does Thom Tillis want?”  I.e., other than achieving ever greater political power, it’s not exactly clear.

Thom Tillis is a man in a hurry. He went from city councilor to North Carolina House speaker in just five years. Four months into his second term as speaker, he was running for U.S. Senate. The man who would hand the Republicans control of the Senate has been a lot of things in a short amount of time. And while he seems to know where he’s going, it’s less clear that he knows what he’ll do once he gets there.

I had not actually realized why Tillis’ political career rise was so meteoric and there’s lots of good stuff about the tensions within the NC Republican Party.


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