My favorite part of this Jon Stewart takedown of Fox News is how amazingly disrespectful the Fox blowhards (especially Karl Rove) are while complaining about Obama being disrespectful.

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Chart of the day

I was using this great Vox post for my campaign finance lecture, when I came across this disturbing chart:

I knew it was bad, but I didn’t realize it was this bad.  This is horrible.  This is just no way to run any kind of government.  I did know about the pathetic pay for NC legislators, but I didn’t realize the national average was so iinappropriatelylow.  The idea behind this is that we want ordinary citizen legislators.  Here’s the thing though– ordinary citizens cannot do what is basically a full-time, if not more, job for 10 or 20K a year.  You know who can?  Rich people.  And old retired people.  This horribly skews the representation in our state legislators.  Not to mention, being a state legislator is deadly serious business.  We expect these people to create a budget, education guidelines, prison decisions, health care policy, how the environment will be regulated, etc., and we only want to pay them $28,ooo a year on average?!  Utterly absurd.  CA, NY, MI, and PA have it right.  Most of the country– especially the South, of course– really needs to catch up.

Something is missing here

I did not read this entire article on how Columbia University deals with rape because I honestly found it a little long and redundant, but when I skimmed to the end, I noticed that something was missing– the police!  So, I did a search and the word is not in there.  Either is “law enforcement.”  What?!  How do you write an entire many-thousand word article about sexual assault victims without even mentioning the police.  To put the whole onus on a university to solve this problem seems crazy to me.  I don’t want to diminish the gravity of the crimes or the suffering of the victims, but universities do not exist to adjudicate guilt and non-guilt in cases of sexual assault– that is for the criminal justice system.  And I think things go awry when we expect otherwise.

Quick hits

I don’t know if I’ve lowered my bar for quick hits inclusion or I’m just finding more good stuff, but I’ve had a bunch lately.  As long as y’all enjoy and there’s no complaints, I’ll keep at it:

1) Why is it so hard to just die at home?  Because financial incentives for many push otherwise.  We were lucky that my mom died at home, but only because we were able to afford extensive home care at the end.  Great read of one family’s sad tale.  Goes along great with Zeke Emmanuel’s terrific essay on why he wants to die at 75 (if you follow and read one link this weekend, this should be it).

2) Jim Hunt with a nice N&O Op-Ed with how we really need to treat teachers policy-wise in this state.  And on the topic of NC schools, how about this pretty sneaky way for Republicans to cut their budgets.

3) Loved this blog post on how the ideology and smell study went from marginal finding to media catnip.

4) Ever stuck in a corn maze?  Ken’s Korny Korn Maze is huge.  Average group takes 90 minutes to get out.  But not if you use this technique (we did).

5) Seth Masket with a nice “why not Joe Biden” post:

The answer is in some ways much simpler: Biden isn’t doing well in presidential polls because almost no one of consequence in the Democratic Party, other than Biden, is talking seriously about his presidential prospects…

It seems fair to say that the party isn’t seriously considering him for the presidency in 2016 because it’s already considered him twice before and, for any number of reasons, found him wanting.

6) Democracy ain’t so great for poor people.

7) Americans say they want bipartisanship, but do they really?  Of course not.

8) So many of Rebecca Schulan’s Slate columns about Higher Ed drive me crazy.  Nice to see I am not alone.

9) Why political scientists should predict things.

10) You are probably not interested in the social science on college course evaluations.  But if you are, this is quite the impressive and interesting piece of work.

11) The sub headline refers to the “surprising” fact that religion does not make you more moral.  Color me unsurprised.

12) Somehow I just came across this great Michael Pollan essay from 2003 comparing current corn-based agribusiness to the 1800’s alcohol-soaked America.

13) I am a fast reader.  But slow for a college professor.  According to this.

14) Enjoyed this post from a friend and NCSU bio-ethics professor about the woman imprisoned for providing the abortion pill to her daughter.

15) One could do whole blogs (and I’m sure people do) keeping up with the inanity from Fox news.  But I enjoy how this story also covers the inanity of a Colorado school board.

16) John Oliver on the Miss America Pageant’s bogus scholarships.  A must watch if you haven’t seen this yet.

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