Chart of the day– where’s the racism

Say what you will about racism in society at large (the evidence for its persistence is pervasive and compelling), but whatever the case there, the obvious precense of racism in our criminal justice system seems pretty hard to ignore.  Unless you are Republican, apparently.  Via Drum:

But I want to play partisan hack today and just focus on the far left bar, which shows that Republicans are far less likely than Democrats to think that blacks don’t get a fair shake from the criminal justice system. At first glance, you might figure that’s just demographics at work. Republicans are heavily white and old, and those two groups are the ones least likely to think blacks are treated unfairly.

Wow.  Drum puts this all on the right-wing media.  I don’t know, but makes as much sense as anything else.  Reality, of course, tells a different story.  (But who needs data when you just know).   On the bright side, even Republicans are increasingly likely to perceive the racism that exists.  Here’s hoping this uptick is not just a blip.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to Chart of the day– where’s the racism

  1. rgbact says:

    “The mere fact of being Republican makes you less likely than even whites and seniors to believe blacks don’t get fair treatment.”

    someone please tell Mr mathematically-challenged that many whites and seniors are not Republican. Therefore, on any issue you poll, whites and seniors will be to the left of Republicans. Good grief. At lease he admits he’s a partisan hack.

    This poll is probably a consequence of low crime. When people start actually feeling bad for criminals, they probably have a lower fear of crime…..a good thing.

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