The one thing about weight loss

Over at Vox, Julia Belluz had a great follow-up to the recent diet study I blogged about.  The real secret to weight loss:

The one thing you need to know about dieting is rather straightforward. What works is cutting calories in a way that you like and can sustain. Fewer calories means more weight loss. It’s really that simple. You can stop reading here if you want.

Yep.  That’s why I know for me there’s got to be carbs, otherwise it is not long-term sustainable.  It’s also why I love weight watchers so much– a very flexible plan that rewards protein, fiber, and fruits and vegetables while punishing empty calories, but still lets you find the balance you want.

Also, there was another study– a meta-analysis– that received less attention:

Overall, the researchers found that the macronutrient content of a diet doesn’t matter. After six months, people on low-carb diets lost about 19 pounds while people on low-fat diets lost 17 pounds. After 12 months, each group gained back a few pounds and the difference between the low-fat and low-carb groups disappeared.

The study authors concluded that the best diet is one that a person can stick with. And that’s a conclusion echoed by other large-scale studies comparing the outcomes of different types of weight-loss programs.

So, there you go, just eat generally healthy in a long-term sustainable way.

Quick hits (part II)

1) 10 ways colleges can be not so financially nice to their students.

2) Speaking of college, some excellent do’s and don’t’s for effective studying.

3) It looks as if the hacked nude celebrity photos may be all about insecure security questions.

4) Great Radley Balko on how St. Louis county profits from poverty.  And Reihan Salam on how poverty has moved to the suburbs.

5) Here is one really, really weird animal.

6) Having a child is good for men’s careers; bad for women’s.  (Yes, with all the appropriate controls!) Bummer.

7) Not to say that this is the guy who set fire to my hotel last week, but as Kim said, many a Black male has been convicted on far less evidence.

8) I never watch baseball any more.  It’s just too boring.  And, it turns out that, empirically, it really has become more boring (i.e., more time for less offense).  And to think it is all because of strike zone cameras.  An obvious solution is to officially change the strike zone to what was being called before the cameras.  Alas, that won’t speed things up.

9) Nice essay on how humans are wired for negativity.

10) Tennis rackets through the times.  I remember switching from my wooden racket to a Jimmy Connors T-2000.  Before going fully graphite, I got a wood with graphite inlays.  And, ahh, for the good old days of my Wilson Sting.

11) Despite what their supporters say, NC school vouchers are definitely not about helping poor kids.


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