Daily Show on Fox and race

This is awesome:

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5 Responses to Daily Show on Fox and race

  1. rgbact says:

    Awesome? Seemed pretty weak. Meh, I suppose alot of people just can’t get enough “Republicans are racist” humor. I suppose Stewart knows that, which is probably why he rambles on unfunnily for so long.

    I truly don’t even know why FOX covers race issues. Its like catnip to Jon Stewart/MSNBC types and conservatives like me aren’t all that interested. Must be a deal they have with Stewart to provide him a constant flow of material.

    As for “white conservatives don’t get it”. Yeah, neither to white liberals largely. Hearing punk suburbanite liberals comment on the horrible police is pretty damn funny.

    • Steve Greene says:

      Could it be that Fox covers race issues in the way they do because it appeals to their old white viewers who are– let’s put this charitably– unenlightened on race? Punk, suburbanite liberals– oh my? Surely a more effective line of attack and reasoning than empirical evidence.

  2. pino says:

    empirical evidence

    There’s a lot to try and pull out and maybe one day, if I have the time, I’ll try. But the investigation would be:

    Stewart cites the ratio of black citizens and black cops. The critical data point would be “How many black police force applicants are turned away?”

    Also at play is the disproportionate number of white cop/black defendant shootings there are. Again, the critical data point would be, “What is the ratio of black criminals to white criminals?” More specifically, what is the ratio of black/white criminals presenting in “dangerous confrontational conditions?”

    A very important aspect to the question would be, “Are members of the black community disproportionately investigated?” For example, 100 black criminals and 100 white ones – how many are investigated and convicted?

    As a Libertarian leaning guy, I fully support the notion that our police forces are increasingly dangerous. However, this doesn’t seem to be the template for the militarized force. This was a lone cop, confronting kids walking in the street. Kids with a mindset of having just robbed a store minutes before.

    As to the ratios mentioned above, it reminded me of a story in NJ. Seems the NJ police were accused of racial profiling on the Turnpike – so they conducted a study. The findings? Excessive speeders were more often black than white.


    I noticed that the Times story didn’t mention the ratio of the race of drivers. SO I read a few more:


    A better analysis of the study.

    Does this prove that the Ferguson cop fired with justifiable force? No. But it does provide evidence that not all so called “clear cut cases of profiling” are that.

    • Mike from Canada says:

      The only person to say “clear cut cases of profiling” is you. Isn’t that the very definition of a straw man argument?

      • pino says:

        The only person to say “clear cut cases of profiling” is you.

        Well, and Stewart.

        And Eric Holder:

        “I may be the attorney general of the United States, but I am also a black man living in a nation of cowards,” Holder barked to the crowd. “I know how it feels to be followed around department stores. I know what it’s like to be chased down dark alley ways. I’ve been racially profiled so often I’ve lost count how many times my rights have been violated. It’s only by God’s grace that I’ve lived this long without being gunned down in the streets by a white cop. It’s time to put a white man in jail. And I pledge to you, if there’s no indictment, I am going to shave off my mustache. It’s time for the killings to stop. If the justice we demand is not served, I’m shaving off my mustache.”

        And Sharpton:

        “It would seem to me, if you are seeking the highest office, we ought to have some idea what you would do in the higher office during this time,” Sharpton said. “They need to address racial profiling. They need to address the continued disproportionate amount of young blacks, particularly young black males, killed by police. They need to deal with the militarization of policing. They need to deal with this idea of low-level crimes being dealt with with aggressive policing.”


        …a racially-based “state execution.”…

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