Tea Party and Ferguson

So, that last post about the NRA reminded me of something a friend and reader shared on FB earlier today.  What’s true about the NRA is far more true about the Tea Party.  From William Wilson:

I have an honest question. Where are all the constitution quoting, anti -government, tea partiers in Ferguson? I’m pretty sure there are a lot of rights being infringed upon. Yet, I havent’ heard a peep from Ron Paul, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Ted Nugent, or ANYONE! Isn’t the tea party’s whole purpose about keeping the government from doing EXACTLY what they are doing? Here is their chance to make a REAL stand, and prove that their cause is just and true, not racially or politically based. Their silence is deafening.

I’ve been told by my Tea Party friends (and yes I do have some) that the tea party isn’t about party or race. But about stopping the government from infringing upon the rights of US citizens. I’m looking forward to hearing them tell me why they aren’t represented in Ferguson. It’s been a week.

And let me be PERFECTLY CLEAR. I don’t think the Tea, Republican or Democrat party are racist institutions. But I do believe all three have racists in them; of the black and white persuasion.

It’s a real shame there has been actual violence, looting, etc., from among some of the protesters in Ferguson.  It makes it far too easy for those on the right to put this into their schema of dangerous, scary Black people that police can rightfully take any and all measures to protect them from.  Police certainly can and should use force when there is violence and looting.  Alas, that muddies the fact that, on the whole, the police have still been amazing excessive and amazingly unaccountable.



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2 Responses to Tea Party and Ferguson

  1. rgbact says:

    Where are we? Sorry we just don’t care much…but its amusing seeing lefties try to drag us into this mess anyway. You even threw in the obligatory “it makes it far easier for “those on the right”…….blah blah racism blah”. Oh gee….why oh why do us righties not give a damn about Ferguson?

    Btw, someone please inform William Wilson that the Tea Party’s “whole purpose” isn’t , um, keeping cops from tear gassing rioters and looters?? He must’ve heard wrong from those tight Tea Party friends of his. Generally we fear the federal government….not the local city cops so much. But so glad he “made it clear” that he doesn’t actually believe the Tea Party is a racist institution. I have no idea what he meant by that comment.

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