Because I am Ferguson obsessed

and yet too busy to blog as much as I’d like this week due to the start of the semester, here’s another.  It’s a Robert Reich status update that is basically a blog post that I wrote in my head but never got around to writing here:

Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, is at least the fifth unarmed black man to be killed by a white police officer in the past month (along with Eric Garner of Staten Island, John Crawford of Ohio, Ezell Ford of Los Angeles, and Dante Parker of Victoville California). Most of the residents of Ferguson are black; almost all its police officers are white. Yet a new Pew poll shows Americans sharply divided over whether the shooting of Michael Brown raises an important issue of race. While 62% of white Democrats think it does, 61% or Republicans think it doesn’t, and that the issue of race has got too much attention in the shooting. On what planet are those who don’t believe race is at issue here living?

Seriously.  I would really like some follow-up questions with those who think the race angle is being overplayed here.

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One Response to Because I am Ferguson obsessed

  1. R. Jenrette says:

    It is striking that the opinion of “the street” in Ferguson is that the only thing that will bring peace in the town is the conviction of the police officer who killed Michael Brown. The “street” has already convicted the officer of murder and calls for a fair investigation seem to be for an investigation that will find the officer guilty of murder.
    Ah, humanity. Freud was so right to say that people are creatures of emotion, reason not so much. Because we are human, we can all understand the visceral demand of vengeance when there are long standing grievances already underlying and raising the level of that demand.
    Reasoned discussion of issues remains our goal but simmering questions of fairness and justice must be answered for us to survive as the UNITED States of America.

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