Religiosity, race, and PID

Nice look at religiosity, race/ethnicity, and PID from Gallup.  First, I think it is kind of interesting that although we know that the very religious are clearly Republican and the non-religious are a very Democratic groups, the moderately religious (hey, that’s me!) also lean Democratic on balance:

Political Party Affiliation, by Religiousness, Monthly Trend, February 2008-June 2014


What I thought was particularly interseting, though, is when they break this down by race.  There is no effect on religiosity for Black Americans.  For other minority groups, in contrast, the whole chart is essentially shifted in a Democratic direction, but more religious still means more Republican (relatively speaking):

religiousness among black americans

Political Party Affiliation, by Religiousness, Race and Ethnicity

Also, notable when you take out the minorities and look at whites only the moderately religious whites are a very Republican group.  It’s also interesting that the impact of religion on whites is huge (a full 57 point swing!) as compared to the impact of religion on Hispanics (15 point swing) and Asian-Americans (21 point swing).  I almost feel like there’s some Political Science research to be done here.

Photo of the day

From a very cool Wired gallery.  These are not living birds, but paper:

One of Diana Beltran Herrera’s exquisite paper birds. Yes, that’s paper. This one’s an Eastern Meadowlark. DIANA BELTRAN HERRERA

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