The simple solution to improving US education

Okay, it’s not actually simple.  Very nice post on Vox on how hard it actually is to apply all the lessons from other countries.  In the end, the best evidence suggests there’s no magic bullet, but a lot of different stuff we should do better.  To wit:

The real lesson is probably something more holistic, and that’s what the OECD recommends. The group comes out strongly for high-quality preschool; for higher teacher salaries and tough standards for teachers; for better coordination between teacher preparation programs and K-12 schools; and for reducing socioeconomic stratification and segregation, whether by school choice or other means. It’s what could be described as an “all of the above” agenda — one that reflects the complexity of education around the world.

That said, I’ll go with alleviating the worst aspects of poverty/inequality and making teaching a high status/highly valued occupation.


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  1. John F. says:

    Right on!

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