Cuban PID

Lots of good stuff from Pew lately that I’ve been remiss in getting to (between World Cup and volunteering to be a group leader at Vacation Bible School it’s been hard to find time this week).  At least wanted a quick post on this Pew report about Cubans shifting towards the Democratic party.  Historically, Cuban immigrants have been very  Republican (largely because of the anti-communism/anti-Castro) thing.  But for younger Cubans– like pretty much everybody else in America who is not white– they are increasingly realizing the Republican party is not for them:

Political Affiliation Among U.S. Cubans

The impact of younger Cubans is reflected in those figures. Over half (56%) of Cubans ages 18 to 49 identified with or leaned toward the Democratic Party compared with 39% of those 50 years and older. Conversely, older Cubans tend to identify with or lean toward the Republican Party more than younger Cubans, by 44% to 23%. Even so, the share of older Cubans who are Republican has declined over time. In 2002, among all Cubans, some 68% who were 50 and older said they identified with or leaned toward the Republican Party.


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3 Responses to Cuban PID

  1. Mika says:

    Congrats on reaching the Round of 16! Tough game ahead at tuesday, but Belgium has problems at defence (injuries) and offence (Lukaku doesn’t score) so you’ll have a fair chance to beat them. Good luck!

    Oh yeah, the Cuban PID. So Florida moves at presidential elections from toss-up to solid D and James Carville (was it him?) can say: It’s the demographics, stupid.

    • Steve Greene says:

      Thanks. Yeah– Belgium has not looked all that great, but unless Bradley steps up his game I see US having a hard time winning.
      So, I looked it up and was sorry to see that Finland never seems to qualify for the World Cup. Who do you therefore pull for? What about most Finns?

  2. Mika says:

    Bradley has done a lot of running but much less playmaking. Your right back is excellent going forward + Belgium doesn’t have natural fullbacks + their left winger/forward (Hazard) is lazy at defending => one interesting area to watch. Is your right back brave enough to go forward or is he too worried about Hazard and concentrates on defending?

    I support England, they need all support they can get 🙂 I guess 20 years ago England had the biggest support but nowadays it’s more varied. There are basically two reasons for this. Our state betting monopoly started football pooling early 1940’s and during wintertime they used only English games. That was the only sports “betting” you could do. That situation lasted until mid 1990’s. Also our state television started showing English games regularly early 1970’s. Every saturday 5 pm you could watch English first division game. That was all football you could watch besides big tournaments because there was only two TV channels. That situation lasted until mid 1980’s. Nowadays you are able to watch and bet whatever you want so following football isn’t limited to English one.

    Overall football culture isn’t very strong here compared to for example ice hockey. The fan base isn’t very big but during last ten or twenty years football has become more popular. There are some die hard fans who are really die hards but they aren’t many.


    is an example how the football culture has developed in twenty years. That wouldn’t have happened back in a day. People have started teams before yes, but the fans starting one is something different.

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