Quick hits

1) Pro-gun cliche bingo.

2) It’s not easy for psychiatrists to identify which seriously mentally ill people will actually become violent.

3) The real origin of the religious right— segregation, not abortion.

4) Terrific first-person account of the exploitative plasma donation system in the US.

5) Love this series of self-portraits of “culture” and “counter-culture” for the past 10 decades.

6) One of those policy areas where nobody pays attention, but the NC GOP is also making major cuts in our state court system.  Justice.  We don’t need no stinkin’ justice.

7) Isla Vista shootings?  Of course gay marriage is to blame.

8) Nietzshe quotes randomly paired with Family Circus cartoons.  Oh how I love this.

9) I liked this take on the shooting and America’s unwillingness to address it’s gun laws:

Look, we’ve collectively decided, as a country, that the occasional massacre is okay with us. It’s the price we’re willing to pay for our precious Second Amendment freedoms. We’re content to forfeit the lives of a few dozen schoolkids a year as long as we get to keep our guns. The people have spoken, in a cheering civics-class example of democracy in action.

But, mostly, it made me think of Gary Wills similar, but far more brilliant take after Newtown.  I’ve posted it before, but well worth revisiting.

10) Richard Posner with a very interesting take on a new book on America’s prisons.

11) The latest science looks at our metabolically demanding brains— especially the prefrontal cortex– and our undemanding muscles in an evolutionary context.  Great stuff.

12) Andrew Cohen with a nice take on the meaning of Scalia’s perpetual certainty.

13) Cops in PA can search your car for hiding spaces without a warrant.  And they can seize your car just for having a hiding space.  Is this America?

14) All that losing in primaries.  Let’s be clear, the Tea Party won.  (i.e., The Republican Party basically is the Tea Party now) .



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  1. LOL @ pro-gun cliche bingo

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