My name is Steven and I’m 42

I’ve long been fascinated by baby names, so this 538 post on the age of various names, e.g., the average Steven is 45, the average Fred is 64, hit my sweet spot like a white-chocolate bunny wrapped in twizzlers.  So cool to see a graph of things we inherently know, e.g., these are names for old people:


And conversely, it’s fun to see the new trendy baby names.  E.g., the typical Mason is a scant six years old:


As for me, I was quite clearly born right around the time of peak “Steven” as the median age for my name is 45.  As for my son, David, apparently I’ve given him a relatively old name as it is 46.  Also quite fun to see once popular names that have made a comeback, e.g., Oliver, that have a huge interquartile spread.

Lots more fun stuff.  Check it out.


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Professor of Political Science at NC State

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