NC: King of gerrymanders

Nice piece in the Post on the most gerrymandered districts in America.  Cool map:


2. Three of the 10 most-gerrymandered districts are in North Carolina.

North Carolina Republicans really outdid themselves in 2012. In addition to the 12th district, there’s the 4th, which covers Raleigh and Burlington and snakes a narrow tentacle all the way south to pick up parts of Fayetteville. And then there’s the 1st District, which covers a sprawling arbitrarily shaped region in the northeastern part of the state. All three of these seats were won by Democrats in 2012.

Overall, the North Carolina GOP’s efforts paid off handsomely. Based on their statewide vote share you’d expect North Carolina Democrats to hold about seven seats. But they won only four. This is because an outsized share of the state’s Democratic voters were shunted off into the three highly-gerrymandered districts above.

And this doesn’t even take account the equally impressive gerrymander of state legislative districts.  In the democratically (small “d” mind you) wrong, but politically effective realm of gerrymanders, nobody does it better than NC Republicans.

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