Photo of the day

Just yesterday I was telling some people about how awesome the Field Museum in Chicago is.  And today, Wired has a gallery of cool photos from the Field Museum archive:

Carl Akeley with a bandaged arm and the dead leopard that he killed with his bare hands. Africa Expedition, 1896. © THE FIELD MUSEUM, CSZ5974


Guns and race

So, I really was quite intrigued by Frum’s ideas on guns and race which I wrote about last week.   Intrigued enough that I went to the data– in this case the 2012 American National Election Studies.  I ran a regression model– using white respondents only– for strength of support for strengthening or reducing/keeping the same gun laws (gunx).  Higher values indicate more support for the gun rights position.  I controlled for most everything you would want to control for– party ID, ideology, age, gender, race, income, Southern– you name it.  Then I threw in various measures of racial attitudes.  The result here use a version of the “modern racism scale” (modracism).  Regardless of which measure or racial attitudes, though, more negative attitudes about Blacks meant more support for gun rights.  Again, this is controlling for party, ideology, etc.  In short, Frum is definitely onto something.  Attitudes towards guns very much seem to be– at least in part– a reflection of racial attitudes.  And not in a way that is flattering to gun rights supporters.



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