Quick hits

1) Why do people hate all the testing in schools? When principals think kindergarteners should have their show cancelled so they can keep studying to beomce “college ready.”  That’s why.

2) You should say hello to strangers.  It will make you happier (it’s social science!)

3) Andrew Sullivan’s awesome Sarah Palin rant in her response to comparing waterboarding to baptism.

4) How drug companies price life-saving drug.  Short version: what the market (with no price controls in US) will bear.

5) Love this NPR memo from 20 years ago about this strange new thing called “the internet.”

6) The Koch brothers are on an anti-solar power campaign.  Really, is there much difference between these guys and Bond villains?  Just so outlandishly evil.

7) At least 4% of people sentenced to death are innocent.  And it’s probably higher for life sentences.

8) Big Business is spending big money to unseat an NC Supreme Court Justice.  And just for fun, they are accusing of her of coddling child molesters (crazy judge, she’s actually under the impression that the Bill of Rights applies to them as well).

9) And speaking of the Bill of Rights, I really enjoyed this Dahlia Lithwick missive on the Supreme Court dealing with the difficult issue of how to treat smartphones during arrests.

10) Drum points out that highways are underfunded because our federal gas tax is not actually indexed to inflation.  Of course, Republicans would never go for that because it would be a tax increase.  Ugh.

11) Vox presents the decline of marriage in four charts.  Alright twenty-somethings, stop waiting for some mythical accomplishment first and just get married already.

More tomorrow.

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