Growing Latino electorate

As long as Republicans pander to their xenophobic old, white male base they are going to drive away Hispanic voters.  And while Repubicans can still do pretty well in low-turnout midterm elections– as they probably will in 2014– the medium-long term outlook looks ever worse for them.  Via Greg Sargent:


GOP pollster Whit Ayres, who favors reform, tells me Republicans should take the two point rise in critical swing states very seriously.

“It’s significant,” Ayres says. “Some aspects of the future are difficult to see clearly. The increasing proportion of Hispanics in the electorates in key swing states is not one of them.”

“Swing states are by their very definition closely contested,” Ayres continues. “Many of them have been won in close races by only a percentage point or two. Changing the demographics of the state by two percentage points puts a finger on the scale in each of the swing states for the party that’s doing well among Hispanics. This underscores the critical importance for Republican candidates to do better among nonwhite Americans, particularly among Hispanics, if Republicans ever hope to elect another president.”

Ayres adds that the one-point rises also matter. “It is a sign of things to come,” he said. “States that have been comfortably red, like Georgia and North Carolina, are changing, and will become swing states unless Republicans figure out how to win significant support in the Hispanic community.”


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One Response to Growing Latino electorate

  1. rgb says:

    If we can win 65% of the white vote….Hispanics won’t matter much. But leave it to a pollster to suggest pandering. Death to pollsters and “consultants”. Always seeing reasons to cave on issues.

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