Health care problems? Obama’s fault

Yet more evidence that most Americans are beyond clueless when it comes to health care policy.  Unhappy with changes to your coverage?  Obama’s fault!  The fact that coverage changes every year and that rates go up every year happens all the time.  Now, though, instead of blaming insurance companies, you can blame Obama.  The latest from Gallup:

Trend: The Affordable Care Act's Perceived Effect on Families

I will give you that Obamacare has hurt some families.  But it is very few.  There’s absolutely, positively no way this has hurt 23% of American families.  Of course, if you are a Republican, you might as well blame anything you don’t like about health care on Obama.  And that’s presumably what’s happening.  In fact, more from Gallup:

The Affordable Care Act's Perceived Effect on Families, by Party ID, February-March 2014

Yep.  And as for those “independents” who are hurt, I guarantee you most of them are leaning Republican.

Back here in the real world, Drum:

Like most human beings, I love it when I turn out to be right. Or even when someone provides evidence that I might be right. So naturally I’m thrilled that a pair of researchers have confirmed my horseback estimate that 1-2 million people may have suffered from canceled policies and rate shock during the introduction of Obamacare…

So that means about 1.3 million people had their policies canceled and had to pay full freight for a new policy. Since the error bars on this estimate are fairly large, that comes out to somewhere in the neighborhood of 1-2 million people. In other words, less than 1 percent of the country, mostly made up of people with incomes that are higher than average.  [emphasis mine] …

Any big new piece of policy is going to have winners and losers, and a ratio of 20:1 or so is about as good as it gets in the real world.

Of course, what people believe about policy and policy reality, sadly, are two very different things.  And right now on the issue of health care that is clearly working against Democrats the ACA.

Photo of the day

National Geographic photo of the day:

Picture of a hammerhead shark swimming among a school of fish, Galapagos Islands

Lone Shark

Photograph by Denis Nezhentsev, National Geographic Your Shot

Your Shot member Denis Nezhentsev captured this underwater scene, a recent Daily Dozen selection, during a dive safari near Wolf Island in the Galápagos. “The main purpose of the shoot was hammerhead sharks and stingrays,” he says. “I first went into the big cloud of small fish, and then there was a pack of hammerhead sharks circling me. I could only hope they were satiated and took the shot.”

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