Video of the day

Loved this Atlantic video on where time comes from:



Photo of the day

Okay, this is just freaky.  A Telegraph gallery of Python vs. Crocodile:

Snake vs Crocodile
Snake vs CrocodilePicture: MARVIN MULLER/BARCROFT

Quote of the day

Sure, I was not the biggest fan of Dean Smith back when he was coaching. It’s hard– he’s a Carolina institution and I’ve been a Duke fan for literally as long as I can remember.  But he’s not been on the opposite side for a long time and while still pretty much rooting for ABC (anybody but Carolina) I’ve come to have a begrudging respect for the great history of the program.  Anyway, a great appreciate for Dean Smith, who is sadly suffering from severe dementia, from fellow Duke grad John Feinstein.  I had never seen this quote before and it’s brilliant (in reference to Smith’s efforts to integrate restaurants in Chapel Hill):

“You should never be proud of doing what’s right. You should just do what’s right.”

Don’t know much about Ukraine

I feel like I’ve been getting reasonably informed about the situation in Ukraine from the Times and Post.  But, this is important stuff and I really want a deeper understanding.  Just so happens that this is right in the wheelhouse of my friend and political scientist extraordinaire, Steve Saideman.  I found these two posts really helpful for understanding just what’s going on here and how to look at the (non) role of NATO.   Fellow OSU Political Science PhD and Saideman co-author Bill Ayers really helps shed some light on the domestic politics of this in Russia.

Short version:  it’s really, really complicated.  Long version: click the links.

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