Quick hits

1) This XKCD visualization of the frequencies of various events is simply awesome.

2) Nice WUNC gallery of images that explains the nature of the NC coal ash spill

3) A system to seal battlefield bullet wounds with lots of tiny sponges.  Very cool.

4) The CEO of AOL blamed a sick baby for the company’s need to cut benefits.  The baby’s mom responds in Slate.

5) David Pogue gives you five easy ways to get hacked.  Do not do these things.

6) Why serious injuries at the Olympics seem to be disproportionately affecting women.

7) I had no idea Whole Foods banned products with so many different ingredients.  Things are quite different at Wal-Mart.

8) Love this– best Olympic performance as z scores above mean score in event.

9) Interesting scientific facts about redheads.  I did already know that we are more sensitive to pain.  Did not know that we have fewer, but thicker hairs.   And I learned that red hair with blue eyes (my son Evan, most of us Greene’s are red with green) is super rare.

10) I like hockey.  I love Olympic hockey (the nationalism, but especially the positive impact of additional 15 feet of width to the ice) so I’ve been watching a lot lately.  Fascinating story on how Finns have come to dominate goalkeeping (this is for you DJC!).

11) Being rich really does make you more selfish.  Great causal evidence from lottery winners.

12) Really liked this Chait take on the somewhat controversial CBO analysis suggesting minimum wage will costs some jobs.  That’s okay!

I suppose that if you care a lot about making sure as many workers as possible have a job, however poorly paid, and don’t care very much about low-income workers earning higher wages, you could embrace this report as a case against a higher minimum wage. That’s the conclusion embraced by the Wall Street Journal editorial page, the National Reviewand gleeful conservatives everywhere.

And yet if you did care so much about reducing unemployment that you were willing to suppress wages for millions of the most hard-pressed workers in order to squeeze every last bit of joblessness out of the market, what other elements of the Republican economic agenda make even the slightest bit of sense?

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