Photo of the day

From the Telegraph’s Animal Photos of the week:

It’s like a Coca-Cola commercial but real!

A lucky photographer has managed to photograph these adorable images that of the playful first moments in the lives of young polar bear cubs
A lucky photographer has managed to photograph these adorable images that of the playful first moments in the lives of young polar bear cubs in Manitoba, CanadaPicture: THOMAS KOKTA/CATERS

The Incognito report

I’ve seen various headlines about the big report on bullying on the Miami Dolphins, but never read too far into any of the articles.  But nobody knows bullying like Emily Bazelon and she’s a great writer, so if you have any interest in the subject at all, I highly recommend you read her analysis.

UPDATE: And a facebook friend just wrote this, which it totally awesome (and I’m sure Bazelon would agree with):

I have yet to read a reaction to the Wells Report (Incognito/Martin/etc.) that actually says what needs to be said: The NFL needs to be treated *exactly* like any other workplace, and anyone who violates regulations concerning harassment, etc. needs to be disciplined in exactly the same way they would in any other high-paying professional field, without exception. All of the talk about “failures of leadership” and “the culture of the locker room” and all that other bullshit needs to stop. If you can’t say it or do it in an accounting firm in Akron, Ohio, you shouldn’t be able to say it or do it in the NFL.

Quick hits

1) Okay, I know not everybody here is going to be interested in figure skating, but I love watching it and have really been wondering if we’ve been reaching the limits of human physical ability on the ice.  Loved this Deadspin piece that examines exactly that question while taking a fascinating look at the history of the sport.

2) CT scans cause cancer.  This is not news.  We’ve known this.  Great Op-Ed in the NYT looking at the trade-offs and how we think about medical imaging.

3) How racism explains the traffic nightmare in Atlanta’s recent snowmageddon.

4) On how to improve pedestrian safety.  Jaywalking tickets are not the answer.  I jaywalk practically every day at work when I cross the street for lunch.

5) Loved David Edelstein’s take on Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  Also loved Seth Mnookin’s essay on every addict’s fear of relapsing.

6) In case you were confused on the matter, Amanda Knox is innocent.

7) Cryptography breakthrough could lead to software that cannot be hacked.

8) On being naked around other men.  Always thought the idea that women should have modesty/privacy around other women, but men should not around other men, was absurd.  I avoided the issue until I started using the gym at graduate school at Ohio State.  Now I’m pretty damn used to it.  Still, I appreciated those private shower stalls at Texas Tech.

9) What’s inside a chicken McNugget.

10) Really enjoyed this take on the Bill Nye versus creationist science denier debate.   And this collection of questions from creationists for Bill Nye.  Creationists are not very smart.

11) Not to wade into the Woody Allen child molestation thing, but I found this really interesting.

There’s more, since I never got to them last week, but I’ll save the rest for tomorrow.


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