Photo of the day

You know I cannot resist a good owl photo.  From Telegraph’s Animal Photos of the Week:

Photographer Denis Dumoulin took this picture of an owl swooping down on a mouse in Mirabel, Quebec
This is the majestic moment an owl swoops down on a mouse and snags its prey with amazing precision. The beautiful bird ducks out of the sky at immense speed to snatch the tiny rodent from the ground below. Wings spread and talons outstretched, the magnificent owl grabs its prey and firmly clutches it in its talons before gliding away to tuck into the tasty meal. The incredible images were captured by keen photographer Denis Dumoulin, 49, while shooting photographs in Mirabel in Quebec, Canada.

Quick hits

1) Loved this profile of the chef who brought down former VA Bob McDonnell and how the whole sordid mess went down.

2) Krugman on the plutocrats

3) Scientists at NC State are working on antibiotic “smart bombs” that can target specific strains of bacteria.  Works great in the lab.  Let’s hope it doesn’t stop there.

4) There’s an illegal immigrant who is a great success story and running for student body president at UNC.  How did I not notice about it until it appeared in Frank Bruni’s NYT column?!

5) Just because rich people are really good at making money in one particular industry does not mean they necessarily have the answers to the worlds problems.  Or as Yglesias puts it, it’s time to stop listening to rich people.

6) Well, apparently classical music is not dying after all.  Or rather, people have been proclaiming its death for as long as it has been around.

7) What separates us from other animals?  Not as much as you’d think.

8) Oh, man, I thought ascii art was so cool when I was in middle school and using the proto-internet via bbs.  And, yes, on the back of the bus we would discuss upon which bbs one could find ascii art of naked women.  Safe to say that internet porn has come along way.

9) So, you recall how I plead ignorance regarding Ukraine recently?  Well, thanks to this great Wonkblog post, I’d like to think I’m now only moderately ignorant.  Short verion?  It’s complicated.  Longer version: language, culture, and history.

10) It’s amazing to think that 20% of spotify songs have never been listened to by anyone.  You can change that.

11) I’m sorry, but I just don’t have a lot of sympathy for Humanities PhD’s with 5 and 6 figure debt.  You are nuts if you try and get a humanities PhD without being fully-funded and if you are taking on this level of debt while being funded you are either horrible with money, or sorry, are not in a financial position (i.e., sole breadwinner in a family) where this is a remotely good idea.   It it too snarky of me to say I bet you don’t get a lot of Economics PhD’s who end up with huge amounts of debt?

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