The GOP paradox

Enjoyed this Yglesias post on the difficulty of using the government to solve problems when you are committed to the never spending any more money.  A classic (and accurate) bit of snark:

Zachary Goldfarb has an interesting piece about the mini-perestroika of Republican thinking about ways to enact policies that will bolster people’s incomes and make their lives better. But then on paragraph nine you get to the key problem (emphasis added):

As they cast about for ideas, Republicans are struggling to find policies that match the simplicity and gut appeal of such Democratic proposals as raising the minimum wagewithout violating core conservative principles by increasing spending or interfering with market forces. Many lawmakers are turning to conservative think tanks, such as the American Enterprise Institute.

Many of us in America are struggling to find weight loss strategies that don’t require us to spend more time at the gym or eat less food. It turns out to be challenging.

Years ago when I lived in Virginia I remember the Republicans saying how we needed to invest more in building roads (always a problem in NoVa), but that obviously we had to find a way to do this without actually spending any money.  There was a great Roanoke Times editorial that suggested the Republicans try alchemy.

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