Laughter as a quote

So I talked to a reporter friend the other day about the ads Americans for Prosperity is running against Kay Hagan.  I know they would put themselves in legal jeopardy by actually admitting that they are trying to influence the Senate election, but it is still just absurd to hear them say they are only about educating the public.  Binker read me the quote from AFP and I just laughed and then said, “feel free to quote me as laughing out loud.”  And:

The ads are issue advocacy, Bryson said, designed to inform the public about policy, not affect election outcomes.

“Even-numbered years are a very good time to bring pressure on public officials,” he said. “We are trying to hold her (Hagan) accountable on what we think is a bad decision on her part.”

Steve Greene, a professor of political science at North Carolina State University, laughed out loud at the assertion the AFP ad wasn’t meant to influence a campaign.

“They would probably laugh out loud themselves if they didn’t have to say that legally,” Greene said. “It’s preposterous.”

Preposterous, indeed.  And, okay, I’m not quite as expert on election as I should be, but I believe we have the Supreme Court to thank for this travesty.  I don’t have that big a problem with AFP trying to influence elections (though, I do think we need a much more sensible regulation regime), I have a very big problem with the Supreme Court basically requiring everybody to go through an absurdly silly game of pretending they’re not.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to Laughter as a quote

  1. John F. says:

    Everyone should laugh out when they hear anything from “Americans for Prosperity.”

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