Photo of the day

So, I enjoyed watching this video of crew quarters inside the International Space Station.  The Wired site had a story about the astronaut in the video who apparently tweets amazing photos from space.  Which led me to this:

Manicouagan crater in northern Quebec, Canada. It is a huge crater.

Koichi Wakata

Quick hits

1) Really disturbing story in Pacific Standard about how amazingly abusive people are to women writers on-line.

2) The science of what your cat is thinking.  I found this part especially interesting:

To this day the population of domestic cats is maintained in a semiferal state by the practice of neutering. About the only males available for domestic female cats to breed with are the wildest and least people-friendly tomcats who have escaped into the feral cat population. Some 85 percent of all cat matings, Dr. Bradshaw writes, are arranged by cats themselves, meaning with feral cats.

The result is that when cats interact with people, they have to rely almost entirely on their natural social behaviors, which are not highly developed.

3) Some pretty good advice from a parenting class for bad parents.

4) White women are not living as long as they should in America.

5) Marriage, the conservative solution to ending poverty.  (Actually, there’s a good point here, but it over-simplifies a really complex issue)

6) Nice review/summary of Radley Balko’s important new book on the militarization our police.

7) Milbank on the GOP’s war on the war on poverty.  Good stuff.

8) A double Balko week.  Very nice Post column on prosecutorial misconduct.  Damn I wish we took this issue seriously.  Prosecutors can be responsible for the most heinous miscarriages of justice and walk away with nothing but a sore wrist.

9) Steroids or not, it does seem truly crazy to me that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens would not be in the baseball Hall of Fame.

It is shooting extremely comatose fish in a barrel to trash the Baseball Writers Association of America after this week’s Hall of Fame votes were tallied. The BBWAA once again, because of the cloud of performance-enhancing drugs, kept out baseball’s all-time home run leader Barry Bonds and the greatest right-handed pitcher since integration, Roger Clemens. Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Jeff Bagwell, Rafael Palmeiro, Craig Biggio and Mike Piazza were also all Hall of Fame–caliber players of their generation shut out because of admitted, openly suspected or quietly rumored steroid use.

Meanwhile Frank Thomas, Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine are in, because the voters, who one can only assume have the all-seeing powers of the blinded Cordelia on American Horror Story: Coven, were able to divine that these three were in fact “clean.”

10) Sticking with baseball, truly fascinating article on what made Maddux such a great pitcher.  I hardly watch baseball at all anymore, but really loved watching Maddux back in his heyday.

11) An argument that teaching is harder than rocket science.  In some ways, the answer is certainly yes.

12) How your name matters (for the record, I’m pretty happy with mine).

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