Whither the intrepid blogger?

Sure, I deserve some blogging time off the week of Christmas.  And I wish that’s all it was.  But damn have I been knocked by the flu.  And so has Kim (who also has bronchitis to boot).  The kids are as demanding as ever and bored out of their minds as they sit at home with their zombified parents.  Good times!  It seems that I’ve turned a corner and regular parental (thank God for Netflix and DVD’s) and blogging functioning should hopefully resume soon.

Oh, and we both had the flu shot.  Lot of good that did us.   Interestingly, Kim, David, and I all had the shot and all have the flu.  Alex, Evan, and Sarah all had the mist.  Alex was sick for about 48 hours before Christmas (we now realize that’s what started it all) and the other two have not had the slightest hint of illness.  Flu mist > flu shot?

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