Daily Show and the white Santa

Jon Stewart takes on Megyn Kelly and her “Santa Claus is white!” bit.  Good stuff.

Photo of the day

This gallery of photos from Obama’s trip with the Bush’s and Clinton’s to Mandela’s funeral is make the rounds of social media.  It’s good stuff:

Via: Pete Souza

Quote of the day

Ezra on Obama’s management style and why some heads still need to roll over the healthcare.gov fiasco:

Though the health insurance Web site is working vastly better today than it was two months ago, the debut of HealthCare.gov was a genuine disaster. Specifically, it was a management disaster.

The CMS IT department botched its job as systems integrator for HealthCare.gov. The management of CMS botched the job of recognizing the CMS IT department was botching its job. The management of HHS botched the job of recognizing that the management of CMS was botching the job of recognizing that the CMS IT department was botching its job. The management of the White House botched the job of recognizing that the management of HHS was botching the job of recognizing that the management of CMS was botching the job of recognizing that the CMS IT department was botching the job of building HealthCare.gov.

Profile in cowardice

I don’t want to pick on Rob Portman too hard, because he’s fairly typical of many politicians, but he’s the one we’ve got quoted here about the power of the NRA (in a great NYT magazine piece you should definitely read):

But for several other undecided senators, the gun bill constituted one political burden too many. This was evident during a meeting between Rob Portman, who is a Republican senator from Ohio, and several parents of the slain Newtown children. Portman told them, “You know, I have an A rating from the N.R.A., so I’m probably not going to support this.” At some point, 13-year-old James Barden, a brother of one of the victims, spoke up. “Senator, there’s over a thousand deaths from gun violence in Ohio every year,” he said. “I’m here on behalf of my little brother, Daniel. Do you think that this bill would save some of those lives?”

Portman sat quietly for a moment. Then he said: “It could. It could.” [emphases mine] But what the Republican senator did not say was that he had already disappointed conservatives by coming out in favor of same-sex marriage because of his openly gay son. By the spring of 2013 it had become axiomatic in the Senate that among the three incendiary social issues of the moment — gun restrictions, same-sex marriage and comprehensive immigration reform — a moderate Democrat could afford to vote for two of them, and a conservative Republican only one. Portman had already selected his hot-button issue.

What’s a few lives of kids anyway when your NRA “A” rating is at stake? 

The gender wage gap and millennials

Interesting new Pew study that looks at the gender gap in wages through the lens of the latest generation.  Short version– the gap is really quite small for young working women.

The Narrowing of the Gender Wage Gap, 1980-2012

That’s great.  In terms of pure workplace sexual discrimination, these results suggests there’s less than ever.  93% isn’t all the way there (and some of that is still the particular career fields chosen) but it’s getting damn close and you can see the substantial progress in the past 3 decades.

The bad news, once these women grow older and become mothers the gap will get bigger again.  I’d actually like to see the above chart for workers without children, as the gender gap is surely even smaller.  I think this chart pretty much captures the gist of things:

Parenthood and Career Advancement

I also think it is important we don’t “blame” corporate America here.  This is a far broader issue about how our society conceives of gender and the responsibilities of child-rearing.  It’s only natural that companies pay women less when they work less:

Mothers, More than Fathers, Experience Career Interruptions

For the gender wage gap to truly disappear, the above chart basically needs to have equal bars and our society is a long way from that right now.

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