The logic of climate change action

Mike from Canada shared this video in a comment.  It’s quite good.  The fun starts with the whiteboard so I skipped till then.  Takes a little long, but it’s a pretty good argument:

Also, doing a quick skim of the comments, I found this one just hilarious:

What you geniuses don’t seem to understand is that there is NOTHING we can do about it. We now have over 7 billion people on this planet who are the main producers of carbon dioxide every time we exhale. People die and their bodies decompose creating methane gas. There is more animal life on Earth than there ever was, each leaving it’s own carbon footprint. We cannot control the planet but we should be concentrating on the one thing we can control and that is our own reproduction. Zero population growth is the key to controlling global warming. Most nations have already recognized this fact which is why homosexuality and abortion are encouraged in most developed countries. This video is yet another attempt by the left to create more hysteria.

Photo of the day

I have to admit I’m glad that they stopped showing Redskins games here in NC when the Panthers aren’t playing so I don’t have to actually personally witness how horrible they are.  Anyway, sure there was lots of problematic weather in DC today, but it is amazing to see an NFL stadium this empty with half a game yet to be played:

(Via @ballhogsradio)

(Via @ballhogsradio)

Photo of the day

Apparently there was a gathering of Star Wars Storm Troopers at the US Capitol last week.  Best photos I’ve seen are in this Flickr gallery.

Flickr user Photo Phiend.  

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