Staying sober

It’s an ongoing joke with my students that at the end of the week’s last class I always say some variation on “have a good weekend and stay sober.”  On Wednesday I simply wished them a Happy Thanksgiving and was asked whither my standard admonition.  I explained that I endorsed the use of alcohol to make it successfully through potentially fraught family encounters (though I plan on relying on copious amounts of Diet Dr. Pepper, myself).  Anyway, it looks like more and more American college students are staying sober (or at least not binge drinking):

And overall drinking is down, especially for non-college students.  I really wonder how much of this has simply been replaced by marijuana consumption.  If so, I would say that’s actually a good thing as marijuana is a less harmful drug than alcohol on most every metric.  Anyway, more interesting discussion of what’s afoot at the Atlantic.

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One Response to Staying sober

  1. Jeff says:

    The students at mirror lake last night were the glaring outlier in your data set!

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