Photo of the day

Wired gallery of a Russian volcano eruption seen from both land and space:

Kliuchevskoi October 18

As the evening arrived on October 18, 2013, a clear lava fountain was seen at the summit vent of Kliuchevskoi. A small lava flow can also be seen near the summit vent on the right.

Image: KVERT webcam.

Quick hits

For your weekend reading:

1) Law review journals are lame.

2) Everything you need to know about car seats (and, yes, you really should keep your child rear-facing as long as you can).

3) Dahlia Lithwick wears Axe body spray for a week and reports the results.

4) We better get smarter about bacteria or the bad ones are going to start eating us alive again.

5) NYT takes a look at hot coffee.  HBO ran a terrific documentary on the original case a couple years ago.

6) A philosopher takes in the free market.  And has a nice explanation of Rawls’ veil of ignorance– one of my favorite concepts.

7) Disney and other companies have much to gain by making Congress dance to their tune on needlessly extending copyrights.  They’ve done it before, they’ll probably do it again.

8) People weren’t so happy with the Ipod when it first came out.

9) Lots of great, concise advice on writing fiction.  I had never explicitly learned about the concept of “narrative distance” before, but of course it’s super important.

10) Punishing kids by taking away recess is stupid and counter-productive.

11) Really good Toobin piece (deserves it’s own post, but its been sitting there in the queue) about how the Supreme Court really could allow the Republicans to effectively shutdown government by not approving key appointments.

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