Good guys win

So, in an election that was really personally important to me, the good people of Wake County outnumbered the bad people of Wake County last night, 58-42, and voted for the school bond we very much need to handle renovations of old schools and large expected growth.   I was also very pleased that the two candidates running for school board who actually opposed the school bond (both, recent officers of the Wake GOP) were also defeated (though, I’m a little bugged that they each pulled in 48% while being anti-public school).   I was struck by the following photo I first saw in this morning’s paper:


From left, Darren Eustance, Zan Bunn and Angie Cutlip watch early election results Tuesday, October 8, 2013, during an election night watch party hosted by the Wake County Taxpayers Association and the East Wake Republican Club at Tribeca Tavern in Raleigh. Wake County voters signed off on an $810 million school construction bond issue. TRAVIS LONG —

You know, I get to some degree plenty of people not voting for it.  Those who foolishly think that schools don’t matter if they don’t have kids in them, or those that have managed to believe the Republican spin that we just need more trailers and you can’t trust the Democratic school board.  Or, no more taxes ever!!  But still, they idea that these people are sitting here dejected simply because a bond was passed to build new public schools is still on some level flabbergasting.  Just what sort of mental gymnastics has one gone through to convince oneself that more money for the school system is some sort of disaster?  Tea Party America, I guess.

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4 Responses to Good guys win

  1. Alex says:

    To be fair, these people need that extra money so they can send their kids to private school…

  2. Mike from Canada says:

    What’s with the picture of a man and a woman with a hamburger stuck in their mouths?

  3. Bob Andron says:

    There is hope.

    The Owner of a coffee shop that I know here in Raleigh let us use a small conference room in his store last year when I had a small group of democrats together. Last year he was definitely a Republican. The other day I had a similar group in the same room – and I politely started a brief conversation saying something like “I know that you’re a Republican and…! He stopped me in mid-sentence and said: I hate the Republicans! (Blew me away).

    In another situation, I used to go see an engineer years ago at his office where I had to politely ask him to please turn down Rush while I was there – which he did. This year I mentioned that I don’t hear Rush any more, and he said “I’m not a Republican, I’m an independent.”

    Let’s hope the light of sanity and reasonableness is reflected wider and farther.

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