Photo(s) of the day

This Animals in the News gallery from In Focus is awesome.  Definitely worth the click-through to the whole thing.  Here’s my two favorites:

Dan McManus and his service dog Shadow hang glide together outside Salt Lake City, Utah, on July 22, 2013. McManus suffers from anxiety and Shadow’s presence and companionship help him to manage the symptoms. The two have been flying together for about nine years with a specially made harness for Shadow. (Reuters/Jim Urquhart)

In this photo taken from a remote camera at the Lazovsky State Nature Reserve in the Primorye region of Russia’s Far East, a golden eagle is caught attacking a deer. Remote cameras set up to track Siberian tigers in Russia caught the golden eagle attack on a sika deer, snapping three photos as the massive bird dug its talons into the distressed animal’s back.(AP Photo/The Zoological Society of London)

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2 Responses to Photo(s) of the day

  1. Mike from Canada says:

    You might want to check out this set of photos of animals congregating, if you haven’t seen it already.

    It doesn’t show any horrifying-deer-killing-mutant-eagles, but still, their not bad.

  2. Mike from Canada says:

    Sorry, but this is the largest I could find of the picture of the stingrays. I wish it was full screen, it would have been truly amazing.

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