Maps of the day

Given my long-standing fascination with baby names, I really loved these maps of the most popular baby name in each state:



Mason?!  Really?  Where did that come from.  I knew the others were popular.

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3 Responses to Maps of the day

  1. itchy says:

    When my daughter, whose name ends in “a,” was 3 or so, she got one of those free balloons from Harris Teeter and named it “Balloona.” That didn’t sound like much of a name to me until I realized nearly all her friends had names ending in ‘a’ — Isabella, Emma, Anna, Hanna(h), Maya, Andrea, Alicia, Arianna, Olivia, Kaela, Brianna — so she just assumed girls names naturally ended in ‘a’.

    When I was growing up, there wasn’t much of a standard: Jennifer, Lisa, Michelle, Susan, Kimberly, Elizabeth, Kelly, Tracy, Melissa … and except for Elizabeth, those are completely gone now. Like George for boys.

    Also, the generation after mine was Heather, Holly, Nicole … I still think these are nice names, but they’re all moms now and are naming their babies differently.

  2. itchy says:

    One more thing: Try communicating with your team in a U10 girls soccer game. Coaches for both teams are yelling instructions to 8 players with four names: “Emma! Pass the ball to Maddie, then make sure Hannah is backing up Carly. No, the other Carly.”

    • Steve Greene says:

      That will be me coaching Sarah’s (yes, “a” sound) soccer team some day. And, as I think about it, most of Kim’s other preferred name choices ended with the A sound. Back when Evan was born, Lily was Kim’s top choice for a girl’s name, but I suppose that was so 2006.

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