Quick hits

1) Really enjoyed this excerpt from Nate Jackson’s NFL memoir on trying to keep his career alive with HGH.

2) The Constitution Day Quiz on the Constitution.  Yes, I got them all correct.

3) Turns out that when it comes to DNA, most of us are chimeras.  Bizarre and fascinating.

4) Fascinating piece on female genital hair grooming and what it has to say about feminism.  Alas, just didn’t think I could bring this one up in my Gender & Politics class.

5) It is time for scientists to become activists against GMO fear-mongering?  Yes.

6) Satire/parody of half-time speech from a coach to his U8 girls soccer team.  Had me laughing out loud.

7) Expect more recall elections in the future.

8) Why everyone should wear a veil in court.

9) Why men should wear makeup.

10) Republicans show some pretty good comedy chops with animated gifs.

11) Loved this personal essay on the death of a spouse after a long illness.  Really poignant.

12) The tragedies wrought by feminism.

13) Why haven’t humanities PhD programs collapsed?  Damn good question.  No answers in the piece, though some nice speculation.  I’d suggest because the universities still get a great benefit– cheap labor– and too many grad students delusionally think “I’m the one, I’m special, I’ll get that tenure-track job.”

14) Forget hands-free.  You simply might as well be drunk if you talk on a cell phone and drive.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

One Response to Quick hits

  1. Henrietta Jenrette says:

    Check out http://www.recalltherogues.org and you will see that only three states have full recall provisions in their constitutions. Wisconsin, the hotbed of the progressive movement just after 1900, of course.
    Some states have limited recall, others have no access to this democratic, progressive increase in voter power.
    I don’t believe recall even existed before the Progressive Movement in the early 1900s, hence the first recall election was in 1913.
    So, how far can this movement go?
    If you don’t have recall in your state, then your legislators have nothing to fear from this and can go ahead with gun regulation despite the NRA. Of course, the NRA may have other tricks up its sleeve.

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