Photo of the day

The flooding in Colorado is pretty amazing.  Good gallery here:

A duck swims near bleachers at Utah Park on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013, in Aurora, Colo. The park was under water Thursday due to flooding. Flash flooding in Colorado has cut off access to towns, closed the University of Colorado in Boulder and left at least three people dead.  (AP)

Best PSA’s

Loved this Post gallery of the 10 best PSA’s of all time.  I remembered most of them.  Of course, tough to beat “This is your brain on drugs.”

Quick hits

For your weekend reading pleasure:

1) If you only read one, I love this Atlantic piece on the psychology of snobbery.  Looks at one of my favorite topics, how we totally judge wine by its price and many similar human foibles.

2) Great cartoon about the real value of teachers.  Love the end.

3) Interesting study from NCSU on the role of holders (and the physics of the hold) on field goal accuracy.

4) Love this graphical display of the many alternate layouts that Bell considered for the telephone keypad.

5) Kevin Drum on how Immigration enforcement can search you all they want without a warrant.  So wrong.

6) Boys have “deep emotional lives.”  I’m supposed to be surprised?  Actually, though, good advice on how to understand and communicate with teenage boys.

7) The difficulty of guarding your luxury aura for a brand.  I actually found this particularly intersting because it is clearly such an issue for many of the clothing brands my wife sells.

8) Stop blaming colonial borders for the problems in the Middle East say Nick Danforth in the Atlantic.  Okay, I will.

9) Very nice Q&A on air travel with David Pogue

10) Humanity has made it to true outer space.  Or, at least our space probes have.

11) Huge polling contretemps between PPP and Nate Silver and Nate Cohn.  I’m mostly with PPP on this.

12) Not really all that surprising, but nonetheless enlightening and elucidating to discover that the origins of the libertarian movement in America were bought and paid for with corporate dollars.


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