Quick hits

A little late, but nonetheless for your weekend reading pleasure:

1) Phyllis Schlafly calls it like it is on Voter ID in North Carolina

2) Loved this fascinating piece on the funeral industry.  No embalming for me (not that I want cremation either– just keep me cold then get me in the ground without a long delay).

3) How consciousness works.  Just some light reading.

4) Really enjoyed the Young Adult novel about teenagers with cancer– The Fault in Our Stars.  Great read.  And another example where the difference between YA and adult seems more marketing than anything else.

5) Advice to Little Girls from Mark Twain.

6) How on-line dating contributes to political polarization.

7) This old Bill Watterson graduation speech now set to animation in the style of Calvin and Hobbes is simply awesome.

8) Don’t yell at your teenager–it just makes things worse.  Seriously.  (Also, remind of great advice from Selfish Reasons to have more kids— the biggest thing kids remember about their parents is how often they lose their temper with them.  Working on that).

9) So much advice to pregnant mothers is not based on good science and does nothing to but costs/benefits in a reasonable context.  A mom/economist takes that on in a new book.

10) Yglesias points out that the Jedi Council is definitely not something politicians should be referencing in a positive way.

11) Really enjoyed Wonkblog’s “The tuition is too damn high” series.  I found this entry about the economics of big research universities (where I’ve spend all my life for the past 23 years but for the one year at Oberlin) and how they have no incentive to reign in spending to be the best.

12) Nice summary piece from NC Policy Watch on the real and very negative effects on NC public education from our legislature.

13) Nice Slate piece summarizing three new books that really eviscerate the case for charters and vouchers.

Get reading :-).

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Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

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