Viral princesses

I’m always just a little disapointed when the first time I learn about  “viral” internet phenomenon is seeing a headline referreing to said phenomenon as having gone viral.  I’ve got some pretty interesting and diverse FB friends, yet I first just saw a link to this in the WP.  Regardless, this set of “Fallen Disney Princesses” is just too good.  E.g.,

Snow White

Fallen Princesses
Dina Goldstein

“They’ve lost their kingdom and they’ve been exiled to suburbia, so they end up in suburbia with no domestic help, and Snow White is again back to working as hard as she was in her childhood—and she hates it. The prince has to deal with the recession and losing his job, and not finding a new one, and that affects his ego, so he’s very depressed. So now, Snow White is trapped in domestic hell.”

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