Presidential golf and vacation

On a day with very little posting, it seems kind of lame of me to simply pick on a WP columnist for writing an idiotic column.  But…  Dana Milbank can, at times, be quite good.  But he can sure also be a grade A hack.  Apparently, presidents don’t deserve to play golf?

The death toll is approaching 1,000 in the Egyptian military’s crackdown, the Edward Snowden case is straining international relations and new questions are emerging about privacy violations at the National Security Agency. But Obama, who just returned from a nine-day, six-golf-round vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, remained out of sight at the White House…

By now it should be obvious that running the country is not an 11-month job, yet the administration is still operating under the old ways.

This was stupid when Bush was president and its stupid now.  And there was probably plenty of this every time other presidents took vacations.  Do you really even want a leader so stressed out he’s not allowed to take a vacation?  And does anyone seriously think he wasn’t nonetheless getting national security briefings every day?  Just political punditry at its absolute worst.

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