Mega Quick hits

Some good reading for your weekend.

1) Don’t miss this one.  Compelling journalism and great visuals of why the seemingly safe Great Falls section of the Potomac River is actually amazing deadly.

2) Pay teenagers not to have sex?  Works in Malawi.

3) Breastfeeding for a year– good for your kids.  Perhaps that’s why my two youngest are (as evidenced at their age) clearly the most cognitively advanced.  Small N in the Greene family, though.

4) How AMC is thriving with its original dramas by breaking the rules of traditional networks.  A must read for the fans of high quality TV (most of you, I hope).

5) The more hype-resistant higher education leaders are trying to throw a damper on the crazy MOOC hype.

6) Fascinating look at the conflicting rights involved in naming your baby Messiah.  Most interesting to me?  It was actually right between “Scott” and “Jay” in national popularity.

7) Did you hear about the link between induced labor and autism?  This blog post puts it in proper perspective.

8) Charter schools are supposed to actually be open to pretty much all comers.  Here’s an NC private school that decided to turn itself Charter and basically just have the government pay the tuition.  So wrong.

9) Nice post by my colleague Mike Cobb on how voter do and don’t respond to misinformation.  Or, as the title says, “Voters punish politicians for misinformation that portrays them in a favourable light, but not for inaccurate information that attacks their opponents.”

10) Loved this wonkblog post on what Breaking Bad gets right and wrong about the Meth business.

11) Emily Bazelon (i.e., you should read it) on free speech and your rights to show gruesome abortion photos.  Interesting stuff.

12) An NC-based scientist helped discover the first new mammal– the olinguito— in the western hemisphere in 35 years.  And it’s kinda cute.

Alright, that’s enough.  Read up.

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