Kids and dogs

Part of me thinks its really stupid to waste my time ranting against what stupid people write.  But sometimes I cannot resist.  Such as this completely absurd Allison Benedikt piece in Slate on how you should not get a dog if you plan on having kids.

Now, there’s a nice essay to be written on how becoming a parent changes your emotional relationship with your dog.  In our case, the dog really did go from our baby to a beloved, but definitely subsidiary member of the family.   Emphasis on still beloved (especially by all the kids) and well-treated.

In Bendikt’s case, the lesson is that having three kids four and under (that always seemed nuts to me) and a high-strung, barky dog don’t mix.  I’ll absolutely give her that, but to generalize from that that one should not get a dog if you are going to have kids is beyond absurd.  For one, from a practical standpoint, you can’t beat how fabulous they are at cleaning up every crumb your toddler spills.  In our case, Lira did a great job of deep cleaning the carpet wherever David spit up (which happened a lot).  Gross, yes.  Effective, yes.

Anyway, here’s the kids with our beloved (and departed) Sasha from Easter 2012 (and damn, they grow so fast!)


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4 Responses to Kids and dogs

  1. Bob Andron says:

    NOW you’ve done it. Touched the heart. Beautiful picture. But Steve, since you’re a scientist, you can look up oxytocin which is a hormone that mothers and babies have in abundance which improves the love bonding between them to assure feeding, nurturing, etc.

    What most people don’t know is that this hormone is also present in ONE other mammal on earth. That would be…the canine species. Anyone who’s had dogs and cats surely knows the difference.

  2. Alex says:

    Isn’t this a standard Slate article, though?

    Take a funny or interesting personal anecdote or thought and expand it out to the general world. Write it with a little bit of haughtiness and prescription, and then add an incendiary headline. Watch the world respond.

    • Steve Greene says:

      Sure, there’s a little too much like that on Slate, but I honestly think Slate gets a bad rap. They’ve got some really sharp writers there (e.g., Bazelon, Lithwick, Dickerson, Saletan) who would never write crap like this).

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