More trash for you (to help your kids)

It is really and truly amazing the lengths the NC legislature will go to in order to serve their corporate masters.  In this case, “big trash.”  Here’s the latest on landfills:

RALEIGH, N.C. — The state Senate on Thursday gave key approval to legislation that would roll back restrictions on landfills in North Carolina.

Senate Bill 328 passed its second reading 28-18. A final vote is expected next week before it heads to the House.

The measure would allow landfills 1,500 feet away from National Wildlife Refuges or state parks instead of the current buffer of 2 to 5 miles and would drastically limit the statutory reasons for which the Department of Environment and Natural Resources could refuse to issue a permit for one.

It also would relax requirements that owners regularly inspect and clean systems that capture leachate, the liquid that comes out of their landfills, and would repeal the requirement that operators have a fund of at least $2 million to pay for fines or corrective action in case of contamination.

Current laws requiring garbage trucks to be leak-proof also would be replaced with rules that they only be leak-resistant.  [emphasis mine]

Classic example of those “pesky” regulations that Republicans are always looking to get rid of.  Crazy liberals wanting garbage trucks to be leak-proof, landfills tested for dangerous leaks, and reasonable buffers between wildlife and landfills.  I mean come on, what will liberals want next– clear air and water?

Best part?  Republicans are doing this “for the children”

Sponsor Sen. Trudy Wade, R-Guilford, said no landfills have been sited in North Carolina in years, and existing landfills will run out of space in an average of 15 to 20 years.

“This is an attempt to look toward the future and make preparations for our children,” Wade said.

This legislation is obviously bad enough.  But justifying it that it’s for the children.  Truly, truly shameless.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to More trash for you (to help your kids)

  1. Mike from Canada says:

    I was once driving my new Yamaha RD400 2 stroke motorcycle behind a garbage truck. I was a fairly new driver to motorcycles. Liquid splashed out the back when they took off at the end of a left turn lane in the middle of a six lane road. Thinking it was water since it was clear I just road through it. My bike did a perfect 360 through three lanes of oncoming traffic when I braked for the now red turn signal. I wound up facing traffic the wrong way with my tires touching the curb and my left foot on the sidewalk, on the far side of the road.

    It was the sort of thing that’s almost impossible to do if I were to try to do it on purpose. It took me an hour to clean all the oil off my bike. The garbage truck never even slowed.

    Leak proof garbage trucks sound like a good idea to me. Considering the year it was, it’s possible it was PCB’s laced transformer oil. God only knows what it was, now that I think about it. I had that stuff all over my hands and pants at the time.

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