Dads and movies

So, my guess is that for Father’s Day today (and happy Father’s day to dads out there, though I’m really not the biggest fan of any of these Hallmark holidays.  I will enjoy my free Father’s Day treat at Skinny Dip Frozen Yogurt) many dads will be taking their kids to the movies.  And that’s because it seems when it comes to taking kids to the movies, this is a dad thing, not a mom thing.  This has been the case in our family for 10-11 years, or since whenever I started taking David to the movies.  I always assumed that it was because I just like movies a lot more than Kim.  But apparently, this is actually a common feature in families.  Via the Atlantic:

Across the United States, there really are more dads than moms on their own with their kids at the movies. A 2011 study by polling firm Ipsos found that dads are 50 percent more likely than moms to take young kids to the movies. (This holds true for films of all ratings, from G to R.) “Dads are more interested in finding content they can enjoy with their kids,” said Ipsos senior vice president Donna Sabino. Moms may remain the key decision-makers about most household purchases, but fathers increasingly rule in one area: entertainment.

The piece, by a gender studies professor, then goes on to a pretty fascinating analysis of the clueless dad animated stereotype and the very common daddy-daughter theme.  Short version: the movie-makers know their target audience.

We do almost all our movie watching at home, but there is something special about going to the theater.  We caught a cheap showing of the Lorax this week, which I enjoyed much more than I anticipated (and was surprised and enjoyed its unabashed bashing of excessive materialism and big business).  And when Monsters University comes out, I’ll spring for the big bucks on that one (as about only Pixar will have me do).

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One Response to Dads and movies

  1. Deborah Ferry says:

    Your post makes me want to see a movie.

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