Chart of the day

So, I was going through some semi-recent Pew data on political knowledge for my summer Intro to American Government course, when I came across this cool chart I had not seen before:

On a test of four factual items, Maddow viewers win (and perform far better than the viewers of conservative opinion shows).  As a reader of the New Yorker, etc., I of course enjoyed that it came in second.  I also dug a little to discover that “etc.” is actually Atlantic (which I also subsrcibe to) and Harper’s (which I’ve twice subscribed to, but ultimately leaves me a little flat).  As to the political knowledge of New Yorker readers, he’s your explanation in another chart:

Would actually like to see the effect of the news sources controlling for education, i.e., the performance of Maddow viewers becomes much more impressive in this context.  If I remember, I’ll check back in roughly September of this year when Pew should be making the entire dataset available.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

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