NC needs laws against riding bicycles in supermarkets

Sure, there’s no evidence this is happening now, but you never know.  It could all of a sudden be an epidemic and then we’ll be glad we’ve got the laws on the books.  It is obviously unsafe to shoppers and we cannot expect store managers to enact or enforce reasonable policies against this– they might be liberals.

So, what am I getting at here?  The logic (or lack thereof) behind NC’s new stealth anti-sharia law proposal (they are smart enough to not call it that):

RALEIGH, N.C. — The latest version of a bill intended to protect the constitutional rights of North Carolinians from “foreign laws” is on its way to the House floor after a contentious hearing in the House Judiciary C Committee.

House Bill 695, entitled “Foreign Laws/Protect Constitutional Rights,” is the most recent iteration of legislation intended to keep courts from recognizing Islamic Sharia law in North Carolina.

Similar measures have been considered or passed in more than 15 other states.

The first version of the legislation was passed by ballot initiative in Oklahoma. It specifically named Sharia and was promptly blocked by a judge who declared it unconstitutional because it singled out a religion.

Since then, newer versions of the measure in states from Arkansas to Florida have been more carefully worded. House Bill 695 makes no mention of religion at all, and it wasn’t mentioned in committee.

Also, some great reporting from Laura Leslie by putting this in the proper context of what’s really going on rather than relying solely on the text of the law.  So, why do we need this law?

After House Rules Committee Chairman Tim Moore signaled that the bill was unlikely to pass, Cleveland and co-sponsor Rep. Chris Whitmire, R-Transylvania, agreed to amend it so that it would apply only to family law and child custody issues under sections 50 and 50a of state law.

Moore, R-Cleveland, who crafted the change, said it should reduce the chances of unintended consequences in the business community.

“I think this covers what the bill sponsors are trying to do. There’s no reason foreign law should be used in such matters,” he said.

After the meeting, Moore said he didn’t know of any cases in which North Carolina courts have allowed Sharia or any other foreign laws to infringe on anyone’s constitutional rights, but he said the sponsors were trying to prevent that from happening.  [emphasis mine]

That’s right– you never know!  And you never know, there might be an epidemic of bicycle riding in grocery stores or murderous squirrels or whatever!  This is not how a sensible legislative body makes laws.  Of course, there’s been little evidence so far that we are dealing with a sensible legislative body.

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One Response to NC needs laws against riding bicycles in supermarkets

  1. itchy says:

    It’s not even that these things haven’t happened.

    It’s that, if you establish a set of laws, it should be a given that anything that is not included is not in that set of laws.

    You don’t have to explicitly exclude French laws or German laws or Saudi laws or Middle Earth laws.

    There is an infinite number of possible laws that are not included in your set of laws.

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