The Republican fever swamp on this is just amazing.  I’ve tried not to pay too much attention because it’s so transparent that there’s very little, if any, there there.  Nice summary from Kevin Drum.

Even better, Jon Stewart gives you all you really need to know (two parts):


Dreams of TED

So, I had a dream the other night that I gave a TED talk.  I cannot remember what exactly the topic was (politics, I presume, but I do remember that it was awesome.  How’s that for a liberal intellectual fantasy.   I don’t watch all that many TED talks, but I really do love the NPR TED Radio hour which combines and distills several related talks and let’s me listen via podcast while I work out.  Anyway, I did watch all of this one by fashion model Cameron Russell about our perceptions of beauty– it’s pretty awesome.  What I really love is the part (starting about 5:30 in) where she describes her images as “not pictures of me; they are constructions.”  Worth watching the whole thing, but if not, definitely that minute in the middle.

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