Watch out for the oxycontin, not the heroin

Now this is a really cool infographic— drug overdoses by type or drug:

U.S. drug-related deaths, over time

Short version– watch out for the “legal” pharmaceuticals.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

3 Responses to Watch out for the oxycontin, not the heroin

  1. Mike Barr says:

    Why is marijuana included with “LSD, opium, mescaline, mushrooms….”? My guess is the number of deadly overdoses from cannabis is exactly 0.

    • Mike from Canada says:

      The only item on the list included with marijuana that can be overdosed is opium (opiates). All the others have no known toxic over dose limit. However, they did include “overdose by assault”. I’m not even sure what that means, but to hazard a guess, if you assault someone while on a specific drug, might be this.

  2. Mike from Canada says:

    I wish I could drum up some righteous indignation, or what ever I should feel, but mostly I can only think is, if you take hillbilly heroin, you might OD. If you drive fast a lot, you might die in a car accident. If you smoke, you might get cancer. If you skydive, you might wind up being a splat on the ground.

    Nobody gets out alive.

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