Which hurts more?

So, stumbled across this interesting illustrated science video– what hurts more, getting kicked in the testicles over giving birth.  Okay, admittedly, very few people will ever experience both of these, but seriously?  I’ve been around 4 childbirths and surely taken a blow to the manly parts at least that many times (fortunately, it’s been quite a while), and to suggest that they are anywhere equivalent is nuts (just to be clear, it’s childbirth that’s more painful).  Nonetheless, this video is a great little feature on the nature of pain and how we experience it:

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4 Responses to Which hurts more?

  1. mjsncsu says:

    Wow, you are almost getting funny.

  2. Mike from Canada says:

    Not having to have given birth to a big human head through a little orifice, all I can say is, “Thank God!”. Better women then me. Even splinters make me faint.

    My children’s birth, contrary to the ‘blissful event’ everyone makes it out to be, was a bloody mess filled with pain, terror, screaming and horrifying sights. My wife wasn’t overly happy about the whole ordeal either.

    • Steve Greene says:

      Little shared story, but since you bring it up, Mike… I actually got really faint during Alex’s birth (our 2nd) and had to sit down a couple times. No trouble with the others. I think it was that in that one particular case circumstance had it that I basically came in right for the pushing (took care of David for too long) and obviously was not emotionally/mentally read for it.

      • Mike from Canada says:

        I’m sorry to say that this bastion of manhood fell flat on his face as I watched them put a six inch long needle in my wife’s spine to ‘freeze’ her lower half. I don’t recall what it was called, but I do recall thinking that needle looked like the largest needle I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
        It was just because I was holding my breath and I didn’t really know it, I was so intent on the situation. Silly bugger.

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