Which hurts more?

So, stumbled across this interesting illustrated science video– what hurts more, getting kicked in the testicles over giving birth.  Okay, admittedly, very few people will ever experience both of these, but seriously?  I’ve been around 4 childbirths and surely taken a blow to the manly parts at least that many times (fortunately, it’s been quite a while), and to suggest that they are anywhere equivalent is nuts (just to be clear, it’s childbirth that’s more painful).  Nonetheless, this video is a great little feature on the nature of pain and how we experience it:


Wow, so MSNBC spent a solid 15 minutes today on North Carolina and just how far right the Republicans have tried to take our state.  Alas, no embedding, but part 1 and part 2.  Generally good summary of what’s been going on (though not much new for readers of this blog).  That said, the segments also served as  good reminder as to why I don’t watch MSNBC.  While Art Pope undoubtedly has too much influence, he is far from the puppetmaster portrayed here.  He largely doesn’t have to be, because he has so well insured that like-minded people have been elected.  And, y’all know what I think about voter ID, but it is also true that NC’s law is about as reasonable as could be hoped for (tax on college student parents aside, which I’m not sure if its in the final bill).  Again, not to defend the NC Republicans, but I hate that MSNBC makes me feel like I have to.

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