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I don’t check in with quora all that often, but every week I get an email summary of threads they think would be of interest to me.  They are usually pretty right.  This one was “what is the most amazing photo you have ever taken.”  This one is awesome, but it is definitely worth checking out the whole page for some truly amazing photos:

Most people react to this photo with doubt at first. Is Kent an expert at manipulating images using Photoshop? The answer is no, but the sad part is that in this day and age of digital photography, the common reaction is to ask if it’s real. Twenty years ago, the question would not likely come to mind. 
The reality is that this is not Kokomo (yes, I’m showing my age with a Beach Boys reference). It’s St. Maarten, the home of the famous Princess Juliana International Airport. At only 7,980 feet, the runway is barely long enough for large jets to land. Incoming airliners approaching the island, must touchdown at the very beginning of the runway, which is just past the beach. This means they have to fly extremely low, passing only 30-60 feet over tourists and plane spotters.  (Kent Miller)


The “touch” gap

Greg Sargent points out the findings on being “in touch with the concerns of most people in the United States” in the latest Washington Post poll and it sure ain’t pretty for the Republican Party.



Kudos to the American people (or at least 3/4 of them) for getting the right answer :-).  Anyway you slice it, that’s a pretty hefty gap between Democrats and Republicans.  It really is a wonder that Republicans still manage to capture the votes of roughly half the public.  I want to know what’s in the minds of these voters…”well the Republicans are out of touch, but I sure do hate gays/Obamacare/abortions/taxes”?  Actually, I guess that’s probably it.  Sargent :

But my question is: At what point does failure to support proposals designed to address the problems facing the country — ones backed by majorities — create a serious enough generalproblem for the GOP, by contributing to an overall sense that the party has simply ceased being capable of compromising on solutions to the major challenges we face? The GOP’s awful “in touch, out of touch” numbers would seem to get at this.

This is meant as a real question. We keep hearing that issues such as guns don’t rank high in importance for voters. We keep hearing that the party’s image doesn’t matter too much, because Republicans will all but certainly be able to hold the House. We keep hearing Republicans have a strong incentive not to cooperate with Dems, since many of them are in safe districts. All of that makes some sense.

But is there any point at which the party’s overall image — and its unpopular stances on specific issues — actually do begin to matter in some concrete way? Is there any point at which it becomes clear that the current GOP strategy — make a deal with Democrats on immigration, but nothing else — is insufficient? What would that look like? Anyone?

No answers here, but definitely good questions.

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